Re: Adhesion Nightmare

From: Helen Dynda (
Sat Oct 16 22:56:04 1999

Merri Ellen, Have you ever been diagnosed with endometriosis in the past?

At Fri, 15 Oct 1999, Merri Ellen wrote: >
>I am so grateful to find this forum, I have felt so alone and almost out
>of hope. By 22, adhesions had destroyed my repro. organs and my obgyn
>felt that a hysterectomy was the last option to end the multiple
>adhesion surgeries I had endured, about 7-9 months apart. I would
>remain childless. A gallbladder surgery several years later would
>reveal adhesions had climbed as high as my spleen and had twisted my
>bowel severely. While removing countless/coadhesive
>bowel was nicked and a gastro surgeon was called in to do a resection. I
>have endured years of pain, bowel disturbance and fatigue. Now 11 years
>later...I can avoid the problem no longer. They seem to have wound
>themselves into a mass just under my left ribcage and are affecting my
>breathing. My left/lower abdomen is in constant pain also and my bowel
>problems are severe. A recent visit to a surgeon was so emotionally
>devastating that I cried until no more tears would come. He told me
>that adhesions did not cause pain, they did not hurt internal organs and
>that they could not have been the reason for a hys. at 22. I was
>hoping that the medicine had progressed in 16 years, it crushed me to
>have to deal with someone so completely insensitive. I would appreciate
>hearing from someone else who understands my pain, lonliness, and
>frustration. Thank you for sharing any information that you know of.
>Merri Ellen

The 15th century proverb which summarizes the purpose of medicine is:
* To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always. *

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