Adhesion Nightmare

From: Merri Ellen (
Fri Oct 15 22:45:30 1999

I am so grateful to find this forum, I have felt so alone and almost out of hope. By 22, adhesions had destroyed my repro. organs and my obgyn felt that a hysterectomy was the last option to end the multiple adhesion surgeries I had endured, about 7-9 months apart. I would remain childless. A gallbladder surgery several years later would reveal adhesions had climbed as high as my spleen and had twisted my bowel severely. While removing countless/coadhesive bowel was nicked and a gastro surgeon was called in to do a resection. I have endured years of pain, bowel disturbance and fatigue. Now 11 years later...I can avoid the problem no longer. They seem to have wound themselves into a mass just under my left ribcage and are affecting my breathing. My left/lower abdomen is in constant pain also and my bowel problems are severe. A recent visit to a surgeon was so emotionally devastating that I cried until no more tears would come. He told me that adhesions did not cause pain, they did not hurt internal organs and that they could not have been the reason for a hys. at 22. I was hoping that the medicine had progressed in 16 years, it crushed me to have to deal with someone so completely insensitive. I would appreciate hearing from someone else who understands my pain, lonliness, and frustration. Thank you for sharing any information that you know of.

Merri Ellen

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