Anyone interested in IBS/adhesion connection

From: Marilyn (
Sat Oct 16 21:21:14 1999

Pardon me, while I once again talk about my old, retired GI doctor, and the advice he gave me that has proven to be true! His opinion on the connection between adhesions and IBS, was that stool and gas, gets backed up behind the temporary adhesion blockage. When the blockage is relieved, (by whatever method) then the stool is suddenly released IN A HURRY, and you get a few hours of barely making it to the toilet!! But it will usually settle down, and you may actually have a few normal b.m.'s, before another temporary blockage occurs again, and you go through the same process all over again. Those of you who have been in the hospital and had the NG tube, remember that after a certain length of time, you have to get up and GO! That's because the blockage has been relieved.

You can usually tell by "bowel sounds". If you have high pitched sounds, it usually means a blockage could be starting. BUT, will often be resolved before it becomes full blown.

Remember what I told you a couple of weeks ago? This is the time to get out the old fashioned hot water bottle, put it on the pain or area where the sounds are coming from, take a Phazyme, and lie down on your side---NOT YOUR BACK! Good luck!


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