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From: Christine M. Smith (
Sat Oct 16 19:36:03 1999

At Sat, 16 Oct 1999, Marilyn wrote: >
>Your story is incredible---that a doctor would give you a hysterectomy
>at 22! I'm wondering what kind of a doctor you had, and what else was
>involved? Could it be that you were so young, that you didn't get the
>diagnosis exactly straight? Sounds like at that age, you must have had
>some pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or severy endometriosis??
>Please get the records from your original doctor who did the surgery.
>You are LEGALLY ENTITLED to have a copy! Then you can read for yourself
>exactly what was wrong with you and why he did something so drastic.
>As for the new doctor saying there is no pain from adhesions. Well, we
>all know differently, as you can easily see in this forum. Dump that
>doctor right away, and see someone else. You are still young, and could
>have a good quality of life from here on out.


I agree with Marilyn that you should get your records and that you are entitled to them, but do not get too optimistic about their contents! I just recently got a copy of my OR report from a hysterectomy done 12 years ago. After I learned what was found at my second lap last year I had lots of questions about what was present at my TAH. Unfortunately the doctor who did the TAH was no longer practicing so I couldn't ask him directly. Years previous to the TAH he had told me that it appeared (from xray) that I had massive adhesions in the left side of my pelvis. (which just so happens to be what they found at the laps last year) At the time of my TAH he told me there were signs of "old endometriosis". Did he mean the adhesions he had referred to earlier? I didn't even think to ask him. Nothing about these adhesions is mentioned on the OR report for the TAH!!!! I know the size and type of suture and other technicalities, but no answer to my question which was "were these adhesions found at the lap last year present 12 years ago when the TAH was done." The gyn I saw recently said that if they were present at the TAH the doctor would have mentioned it in his report.

It is probably a good idea to read your report while the doctor is still available should you have questions.

Chris S.

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