Re: Our dear Liver - sick or healthy?

From: randy and gloria mcdonald (
Sat Oct 16 09:16:18 1999

Igor, I have been reading all your posts and, to a point, I agree with you. Sometimes we do get so wrapped up in our illnesses they do become too much of who we are and it is very important to move past that. Positive attitude, rest, etc. are all great pieces of advice.

But what you are writing about liver damage is just pure nonsense. I have had one complete bowel obstruction, and several partials -- all treated quickly and effectively -- and I have NO LOSS of liver function. It is unfortunate that you have become so distrustful of your medical profession that you discount all of what they say and that you imply that ALL doctors are withholding information from us. Maybe that is your experience, in your country -- but it is not mine in Canada and I am sure that it is not the experience of a lot of my American cousins as well.

I do believe that we do have to take an active, positive role in our recovery. I am very fortunate in that, while I do have adhesions that occasionally give me trouble, I don't have any pain in between and, for the most part, I believe my obstructions can be controlled with a good diet. (In fact, for me my diet cannot have anything hard (peanuts, raw carrots have both caused obstructions -- and if I go to a low fat diet, I also end up with obstructions) But I have great compassion for people who are plagued with pain each day of their lives, it is very depressing and your words are very hurtful to them.

I believe that you have found the answers for yourself and I applaud you -- however, I also believe it is incredibly arrogant and insensitive to presume that your answers work for all......we all go through life dealing with what it throws at us the best way we can. I truly don't believe that you are any more qualified to pass judgement on the way people choose to deal with their medical problems than I am to pass judgement on what has worked for you.


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