Our dear Liver - sick or healthy?

From: Igor Gudymenko (igudym@eos.comint.net)
Sat Oct 16 04:04:05 1999

Dear Christine, you wrote:

> Some of what you have posted is very debatable-some people might agree
> with you and others will not.

I tried not to say anything debatable yet. :)

> However, what you said about all
> adhesions sufferers having liver abnormalities is simply not true.

It's absolutely true of course. :)

> I
> have had (or still have for all I know) adhesions for 20 years and my
> liver has worked perfectly fine and still does.

If you are ill so all you have been told about is impossible. :)

> I would like to know what information you have to make a statement like
> this.

Well, if it's really interesting for you so I give a bit of material about liver here now.

Here are pieces from my old messages. Some e-mail addresses have been changed.



> You mentioned you had surgeries and your gallbladder and liver were affected --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > first. What do you mean by that? What was wrong? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I've told you about system approach to health. It's very important to understand that fact all parts in our body are linked. And if one of them is ill, so neighbours will affected too.

As for me, specific difference of intestinal obstruction (I'd known of it from the medical books on surgery later) is large amount of liquid in intestine while obstruction is. That liquid consists of digested food, gastric and intestinal juices, gems.

NOTE: Germs are living in guts mainly when it's not empty - when there's a food for them. When food goes down most of them are dying in certain fragment of gut. I say here about normal germs, normal flora. So when they say "if you take "probiotics pills" and you'll have normal flora" it's not so correct. Since if you've taken pills before eating they will be in guts, but food will be in stomach some hours (meat, fish, eggs, curds, cheeses - 3.5-6 hours ). If you need a real "probiotic" remedy the simplest and efficient way is curded milk (using special bacteria). It's easy to homemade. Such bacteria you can buy at chemist's. A glass of such drink before sleep (30-40 mins) is finest remedy. :) If someone has milk protein allergy he have to detoxing the body seriously at first. :(

Gems are growing too fast in intestine and emitting a mass of toxins. The liquid is not adsorbing through mucous membrane into gut wall during obstruction. But juices are keeping to flow into intestine(!) and stomach is getting like a large ball. I remember my stomach at pre-operation periods ...

During operation after obstruction had been removed by surgeon intestinal contents started to go down and absorb as well. By this large amount of toxins run into the blood. But blood is entering LIVER - natural filter. If level of toxins is too high than liver work collapses and a human could die. After such operation liver is choked up and toxins are spread body freely. (I had 2 ones. :( ) Hence all parts will suffer. Doctors are silent of it!!

Frankly, liver is not only filter, it's a biggest our gland. It does many functions: producing some vitamins, enzymes, thermo-regulation( I've said it. Remember?), etc. We can't live without it.

When gallbladder is full of stones and mucus the situation is the same. Stones is a feature of liver stagnation.

That's my answer. :)


May be you've saw this message at www.geocities.com/~mycleanse : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > Clara : "My friend wishes to avoid cholycystectomy at all costs, as she is > a medical statistician (sp.?), and has discovered through independent > research that fully 75% of cholycystectomy patients later suffered heart > attacks!"

The fact she discovered(?) already had been known for many and many years. :)

That's very easy to explain indeed. Let's think about our liver.

Liver is our blood filter. Let's imagine fuel and oil filters of your car engine have been removed. What will be later? Snuff! Power of engine will have been falling down. And one day engine will be stopped. :( You can say you're healthy and try to jog, run, play games, dance, etc, but if your blood is too "dirty", you take risk of infarction, cerebral trombosis, phlebitis, varicose veins, migraine, kidney diseases(stones too), hair-fall, tumours, and many more. :( I even don't like to say about numerous digestion problems! Frankly, liver is not only filter, it's a biggest our gland. It does many functions: producing some vitamins, enzymes, thermo-regulation, etc. We can't live without it. Liver itself contains a net of smallest ducts. They serve as channels for blood and bile. When liver is ill those ducts are "corked" and liver is full of minute pieces like Plasticine. Those pieces are of bile pigments, cholesterol, calcium, etc. They stopped normal blood and bile movement. So pressure inside liver is getting high. Bile composition is getting uncertain and such bile can't provide normal digestion. Liver changes enzymes and vitamins production. :( If we take any drugs they do enter the liver after intestines. Since all drugs content large dozes of medicative substances (because most of them will be "lost" on the way to "final" part/tissue!), your sick liver will suffer from those new drugs! I suppose you've understood all "mechanics". :) Of course it's over-simplified here. Our organism is simple in whole and complex in details. So all our organs are interlinked. I have no space here to talk about kidneys importance yet. :) But there is also a skin and many more ... :) Yes, it's a real system. It's a pity that we do not study it at schools, colleges or universities. :) If you want we may discuss stomach problem next time.


> I recently did a liver cleanse but with no real results. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, I feel you have got to no go. :( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You use term "liver cleanse". I seem you have been at site http://www.geocities.com/~mycleanse or similar one like Dusan's http://home.sol.no/~dusan/ and knock-out "liver cleanse" page http://home.sol.no/~dusan/lemonolive.html

Not bad, but ... allow me to tell you next short story. I hope you have seen a lot of "happy" messages at such sites and can find Robin XXX's message at http://www.geocities.com/~mycleanse But the truth is:

June 25, 1999: > From: XXX@aol.com > Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 10:17:33 EDT > Subject: OK > To: igudym@eos.comint.net ... > My particular situation is I have done nearly 20 flushes in the > last year. I have much pain if I eat any amount of fat. It starts > about 5-8 hours after digestion and lasts about 8 hours long. I try > to lessen the pain by taking Magnesium pills. I have had many many > attacks and it doesn't take much. Like I said if I eat any amount > of fat it seems to trigger it. I am VERY careful about what I eat. > But it has gotten to the point of major frustration. > I just want to feel "EXCELLENT" again without having to worry about > if I'm going to be in pain. So I have decided to have surgery on > Monday 6/28. > Dusan doesn't agree with me and I'm sure you won't either :) > My fiance and family didn't agree with me when I put it off for a > year either :) ...

July 1, 1999 > From: XXX@aol.com > Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 13:29:46 EDT > Subject: Re: WISH YOU FAST RECOVER > To: igudym@eos.comint.net ... > Thanks Igor, I appreciate your concern. > The operation was on Monday morning. ... > If I had known you and your message even 3 months ago I would have > tried it. ... It's a pity but her GB has been removed. She's just 30+ ... :( Since she left for Indiana her e-mail address XXX@aol.com is invalid.

They think they cleanse gallbladder. But according my recipe you can cleanse liver thoroughly and flush any stone not just from gallbladder but from liver as well. Even if your GB has been removed. I'd like you to read following fragment of recent message from Brazil about my method result: ... > From: "XXX" <XXX@sti.com.br> > To: "Igor Gudymenko" <igudym@eos.comint.net> > Subject: My 2nd liver clearance > Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 08:44:41 -0300 ... > > Igor, today I would like to tell you the resulted of my second > cleaning of the liver. > Incredible what happened. > On Saturday I followed all the procedures suggested by you. ... > Amazing what happened in the following morning. > When began the first bowel movement I went to the toilet and I > could see a lot of sludge, I could also feel in my fingers plenty > sand of yellowish color some of the size of 1,5 to 2,5 mm. > What also impressed it was me the green big stones dark in great > amounts. Some with more than 15 mm diameter. These stones seemed > as a resinous wax that t hey reduced to bran in my fingers. > I ended up going twice to the toilet where the following times the > amount of the green stones was larger being impossible to determine > the total amount. > Today I'm feeling better than ever. ...

That man has his GB removed 7 years ago. That sludge and stones were in his liver and ducts. You can ask me what the difference between "others cleanses" and "my clearance"? I can answer that in ... every moment and counted that the recipe I used and recommend is 5-30 times stronger. I think you have realized that those cleanses are inefficient. :(

Many people think if they remove their stones from gallbladder, they'll be healthy and guess a clearance is like a simple injection. I even saw such people. They have been cleaning their bodies (intestine, liver, kidneys, etc) for many years, but concretions and sludge are passing out in large amount. It seems incredible! :( Maybe you haven't got how it can be? First of all those people don't admit systematic approach in health maintenance and look at every organ as an independent part. Second and ... main - world outlook. Yes, if we use here psychological term it would call it "human being's personality structure". If our mind is full of "bad thoughts" so no system or program can help us. Every health system or program is very important but it's a background! The core of every working health conception is world outlook. But it's not so easy to change our outlook to positive and all health maintenance methods help us to change really our soul.


It is not so easy to explain the common man where to go to. Once I was asked --------------------------------------------------------------------- how to be healthy and I answered - "not to be lazy". Since I don't admit --------------------------------------------------------------------- conventional medicine and it's methods at all it sounds too threatening for many people. They can't understand no-medical methods :) Today I have got my friend response:

>>I have to apologize. I was busy because of my first autumn liver >>clearance. It was a planned arrangement. My result was fantastic >>indeed. Largest stones were 29 X 16 mm, 26 X 18 mm and 25 X 21 mm!! >>I had no pain or cramp or other liver problem before clearance. >>It was just for prophilaxy. > > What do you mean? You had such big gall stones removed? As far as I know > this required operation. Have managed to get rid of them by a special diet > or a similar procedure? Anyway, I am happy with you that you are now > relieved.

He can't believe my words. He thinks I was suffered -"you are now relieved" >From medical point of view I hadn't any problem with my liver at all. Ultrasound showed absolutely nothing - healthy liver. I hadn't even any unpleasant feeling in liver area at all. But intuitionaly I knew I had to cleanse it again. By the way it was my fifth clearance of liver overall. :) But liver clearance is not the most important procedure at all. As I have said already we have to understand that just systematic approach is effective.


Chris, "classical" scheme of clearances (cleanse procedures) is:

1. bowels 2. liver & gallbladder 3. kidneys & urine bladder

Skin and lungs & bronchiae clearances are more easy and don't call for special measures or procedures.

There are tens or even hundreds of cleanse recipes. Everyone can find similar things on web or at the nearest book store. Besides there are a lot of various products for cleanses.

Personally I use just mostly efficient natural remedies.


If you think that my words are tales so try to find scientific ------------------------------------------------------------------- and medical articles for general surgeons or anestesiologists ------------------------------------------------------------------- about death reasons after bowel obstruction removal. There you will be able to find all physiological details of intoxication process and liver part in it.

You can also read material for oncologists about physiological reasons of death of cancer patients. I hope you understand that cancer patient dies not from the tumour itself.

In every physiology guide or reference you can read about liver work and it's importance for our health.

Some info you can get at every pathopsysiological guide about of pathogenesis of biliary diseases.

Good source of info is also an usual surgeon's guide on gastrointestinal diseases, especially it's part about biliary (hepatic) diseases.

Hope you'll be able to find the interesting info about old tradition of mineral waters using for bile ducts abstersion at many European sanatoriums. Personally I even read the details of method for medical personnel how to do it. To tell the truth, that's method is not effective too. :( But conventional medicine is afraid to confess it.

All I have called here is the literature for medical specialists but not for the common people. But to be frank, I am not sure you need those tons of medical terms.

Chris, hope I have answered your question about "debatable" point but I suspect you won't be satisfied that. :)

With Love, Igor Gudymenko

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