Re: GI work up

From: Gina (
Fri Oct 15 15:33:01 1999

Hi Toni, I'm concerned when I read this. That was what I thought had happened to me, that is how it felt. As if part of my larger intestine had come down into my pelvic area and was putting pressure on my bladder, vagina and rectum. I have a slight bulge above my lower right incision as well, which hurt furiously for awhile but only twinges now. I went to see my gyn/surgeon about it and he said "It's impossible for any part of the intestine to come into contact with any part of the bladder or vagina internally". I of course didn't believe him, nothing else could feel that wrong as what I was feeling. I had an internal exam done to be sure my vagina had not prolapsed, and that was fine. But nothing could explain why it hurt to sit, nor the pressure I feel in my entire pelvic area. As of yet they (Gyn & regular doc) have done no xrays, tests, and don't plan to.

Please tell me, how did you find out about your colon dropping down? What were your symptoms? Thanks, Gina

At Fri, 15 Oct 1999, toni welsh wrote: >
>yes, a work up is warranted when you find blood in the stools. I had
>some blood in mine four years ago, and I too have alot of mucous when I
>go, and alot of relatives that have crohns icluding my sister and my 23
>year old son was diagnosed 2 years ago. I was diagnosed with IBS, I was
>scared to death with the crohns running in my family. I think I was
>very lucky.
>As far as the extensive adhesions I have all over the intestines and the
>fact that the adhesions have pulled my large colon down into the pelvis,
>I am afraid as they told me in sept last year after surgery, that it was
>smothring the small bowel, I AM scared. I will have surgery as soon as
>it is neede, trying to wait for the new abarriers!
>I have alot of trust and faith in the gyn I see, and I will go for his
>opiion, I KNOw he would not do anything to hurt the situation further. A
>general surgeon would definitely wrap my entire bowel with abarrier, and
>they did say it worked for the one other patient he had. So time will
>Love to all, toni

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