Re: bowel obstructions

From: Gina (
Fri Oct 15 15:24:13 1999

Hi Toni, I have had the embarassing accidents, luckily it always happens at home. Once my hubby was sitting right there, and he laughed but he also cleaned it up for me. I laughed too-what else could I do? It is scary when we lose control of our bowels--I mean I didn't have any warning!

I think what happens with your laxatives is your body becomes used to them? I know there is a warning on them about addiction. But that's not even the worst part. When people take laxatives daily, they are flushing out all the good flora in the intestines, and the nutrients too! I would imagine that would open you/me/anyone taking these regularly, to all sorts of nasty infections and illnesses.

The ideal is to get off these totally or find out what the problem is and fix it. Is that possible in your case? I am hoping to God it is, in mine. Gina

At Fri, 15 Oct 1999, toni welsh wrote: >
>Alot of you are all taling about bowel obstructions/ I have not had one,
>but do not undestand that I take laxatives everyday, and my bowels do
>not move, if you raed the bottls it says if you do not have bowel
>movement after taking them to tell your dr, could be result of something
>serious, so why do they usually not worry? I I do not go I am MORE pain
>each day! This is so ahed to take. I was on senekot for a year,a nd it
>stopped working, so They pt me o duphalac syrup and then it worked
>awhile and stopped. Then I took senekot for a month and it was helping
>me everyday, now it stopped again. They had over did laxative a few
>months ago, GI dr, and I woke up in a mess, I am 45 and it is pretty
>embarrassing with your husband laying with you, I am too embarrassed to
>tell the drs or counselr about that but it happened twice, I am scared
>to death to mix these laxatioves now. this can be very humilating too!
>And sexual relations are NILL with my husband, and that bothers me

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