From: toni welsh (
Fri Oct 15 09:08:27 1999

It was so good to hear from you! I lost my grandmother in June of this year, and the last 2 months she could nt even talk to us. She was the last person I felt I had I could trust with anything, since my mother died. I still am dealing with losing mom, she got sick so fast, and we or her never thought it was life threatning. I miss her terribly, my sister is nothing but a pain i the neck. never want to worry my father, so put a big front on hen I am with him.

My problems I try to deal with with my husband, and he too is VERY frustrated with ths whole thing. I do know that if the drs do any surgery, my gyn would be there to lyse adhesions, and the general surgeon would wrap the bowel with a barrier this time. e aid he and this surgeon worked together with another patient wih sort of the same problems with adhesions growng so fast. The pelvic area has become so tight I cannot ove sometimes, but I keep as busy as I can. They say to stay active. We have a wedding tonight, and I do not want to go, but I have to. I do not hardly even go out of the house now! Depressed too! Take care of yourself Kristy, and if can help you with your grandma let me know , I will try to hep if I can


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