Re: scar tissue...igor

From: Tina Shelby (
Tue Oct 12 22:43:16 1999

Hi Toni -

If I said that the longer adhesions are left alon the denser they get - I got it backwards. According to Dr. Richards adhesions act just like any other scar tissue - the longer they are there - the body will soffen and make them more pliable. I apologize for the confusion.

Like you - I'm not sure if this will hold true in my case because my last surgery of lysis of adhesions was 2 years ago and I still have a great deal of pain. Dr. Richards was talking about long periods of time - like 5 - 10 years.

Let me stress that everybody is different and what holds true for the majority doesn't guarantee it will hold true for all.

What I found that does hold true for me is the viscous cycle of pain, lysis of adhesions, temporary pain relief, reformation of adhesions, and return of the pain. So in my case - as long as my doc will help me with pain control I will not submit to anymore surgery unless I totally obstruct and have no choice. But - this may not be your case. There are no "right or wrong" choices here - we just have to decide for ourselves what we are able to tolerate and what is not acceptable.

Hope this helps - again I apologize if I caused any confusion.


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