Re: scar tissue...igor

From: Igor Gudymenko (
Thu Oct 14 03:13:50 1999

Dear Toni, you wrote: > I was just wondering about your comment on adhesios, that the longer
> they are left alne, the denser they get, the drs say they are wispy and
> pliable for a little while, that is why the dr tried a second look and
> te scope woud not go in, the only way they can help me now is
> laapaarotomy whoops .

> They want to try to wait for new barriers, and as far as the tightness
> and denseness of oder adhesions, the longer I have been out of surgery,
> he tighter my abdomen pulls and it hurts quite a bit !

> Toni

> The gyn that did all my surgery last year said the adhesios on the lg.
> and small bowels were over an inch thick that is why they hope to be
> able to help me!

Excuse me, but I didn't wrote: "the denser they get" and didn't mention about it too. :)

With Love, Igor Gudymenko

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