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From: Michele (
Fri Oct 8 18:10:03 1999

I am post-hyst with a history of endometriosis and pelvic adhesions. I do believe from the symptoms you have described, that a GI specialist is needed. Like Helen, I am not a medical professional.

However, Endometriosis is, in some circles, still confused with PID. PID can cause organ damage and adhesions, but so can Endometriosis. The physician may be very correct w/PID diagnosis. I am assuming you have had a laparoscopy to determine the diagnosis. When situations like yours occur, I always encourage medical records release. On a piece of paper, have the medical records release to yourself. Print your name, date it and have a signature on it. Saying that you want them for your personal records doesn't make the doc feel like you've felt his/her care.

My hystectomy could have been avoided. More hysterectomies are done for benign fibroid tumors and endometriosis than cancer. The idea of taking out all the reproductive organs (including those that are not affected), to reduce or eliminate adhesions baffles me. Adhesions can go to other areas after the hyst.

Your GI symptoms are somewhat concerning, but I think given what the ob/gyn said regarding the severity of what he/she would do, definitely warrants another opinion. Please do see a GI person and go through the appropriate tests.

There are good doctors out there, but you are a consumer and should shop for the best care you can get.

Deedra--Welcome. There are very warm and educated people in this group.


At Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Deedra Climer wrote: > >Hello everyone. I am new at this whole internet thing....was very >suprised to find so much info out there on a problem I had thought was >mine. I am 32 yo, hx of pid & gallbladder surgery. I was diagnosed >with p.a. 4 years ago when my ob/gyn told me that they are so extensive >that my only option is hysterectomy. One tube and ovary are adhered to >my bowel, the other tube and ovary are "totally obliterated". After >finding mucous (sp)and blood in my stool and having increased bloating >and pain, I went to the doctor yesterday and he has blown me off and >sent me to a gastro. I guess a gastro could be helpful in determining >if there is any obstruction. I am bummed. The ob/gyn says that there >is a good chance of a colostomy if he tried to remove the adhesions from >my bowels. Doesn't sound like fun to me. Anyone have any thoughts on >this? Has anyone else been told that hysterectomy is the only option?

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