Re: Message to Deedra

From: Deedra Climer (
Fri Oct 8 17:46:22 1999

I am pretty sure he was saying that trying to remove my ovary & tube from my bowel would mean damage to the bowel (resulting in a colostomy).My adhesions were diagnosed via laproscopic surgery. I have since conceived and given birth, much to my docs amazement. He stated yesterday that he had hoped that being pregnant would stretch the tissue and decrease my pain.....and it did for a while. Now, my daughter is almost 2 and I can feel it coming back. Don't get me wrong, I am not 'surgery happy'....if I were, I would have had a hysto 4 years ago when he so casually told me that was the answer (men seem so casual about those reproductive organs...if I don't want more kids, just get rid of it, right?) I just can't believe that there is no way to laser some of this out. Or at least disconnect some of the things that are pulling and pinching. Do most people just live with the pain? I am certainly not debilitated from it, but it gets old, ya know? People start to think that you are making it, if it were a real 'illness' my doctor would be able to fix it. I can see why going to a gastro is important. And I felt like my gyn was dancing around the issue. He said, "gosh, it sounds like diverticulitis". I think he's hoping that it is a GI thing, completely unrelated.

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