Re: Dangerous natural treatment? - Exactly so!

From: Michele (
Fri Oct 8 11:55:04 1999

Balance in all things. I like that idea and others have mentioned it. I also think it possible to believe in the benefits of conventional medicine as well as believing in the benefits of natural healing. Last resort or not, HOPE can't be eliminated from any one person's perserverance for a better quality of life. I'm not shutting my mind off to one ideology. Learning and flexibility don't seem possible for me if I do that.

I don't have a problem if someone believes in natural wellness and is feeling good. I do remain open to the idea that in this country, where most of us have been brought up to be in the "conventional medicine" area, that patience is required when different ideas are introduced. No one will learn, if you run in and are exclusive.

But,It's sort of like the early Missionaries going to the Native Americans and inflicting an ideology upon them ....sometimes it worked....sometimes it destroyed the very people they were trying to "SAVE".

I'm still going to have a good day. Hope the forum continues to post on all the things they want to post on. Neato. I'm getting this house painted....finally. That makes me happy. After that, I have to read "Animal Farm". LOL!!:-) Hope every one gets along.

"Balance in all things."


At Thu, 7 Oct 1999, Igor Gudymenko wrote: >
>> There will be some who are interested in Igor's natural healing. I'm
>> sure some of it could be used wisely along with conventional medical
>> treatment but I also believe some of it is dangerous. (when used to
>> replace conventional treatment)
>Yes, it's absolutely right. :)
>If a person doesn't believe in natural methods, usually looks down at
>them and then tries to apply any of them as last resort he will get
>sorrowful outcome. :(
>So if you afraid of sequela so even don't try it at all.
>On other hand if a man understands the internal mechanism of natural
>healing so nobody and nothing can frighten him and he can overcome any
>difficulties and any diseases. :) :)
>With Love,
>Igor Gudymenko

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