Dangerous natural treatment? - Exactly so!

From: Igor Gudymenko (igudym@eos.comint.net)
Fri Oct 8 03:18:09 1999

> There will be some who are interested in Igor's natural healing. I'm
> sure some of it could be used wisely along with conventional medical
> treatment but I also believe some of it is dangerous. (when used to
> replace conventional treatment)

Yes, it's absolutely right. :) If a person doesn't believe in natural methods, usually looks down at them and then tries to apply any of them as last resort he will get sorrowful outcome. :( So if you afraid of sequela so even don't try it at all.

On other hand if a man understands the internal mechanism of natural healing so nobody and nothing can frighten him and he can overcome any difficulties and any diseases. :) :)

With Love, Igor Gudymenko

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