Re: Let them know that you know what it is like to suffer from the pain of adhesions and bowel obstructions.

From: Igor Gudymenko (
Wed Oct 6 03:11:47 1999

> Igor,
> I am sorry that a few women at the Adhesions Forum were not able to see
> your human side. I am sure that you sensed how quickly they showed their
> defensiveness in response to what you had written. You have conquered pain
> - but they haven't.

> Would you consider telling them what you told me in the letter you sent to
> me? Let them know that you know what it is like to suffer from the pain of
> adhesions and bowel obstructions. This would help to make you seem more
> real to them.


I'd like you to hear my story. Hope it'll be interesting for you. It has been written some time ago for other men. So, please, don't take offence at some it's moments.

Previous to hospitals I thought I was healthy. But in 1997 had 2 operations: complicated appendectomy (later I read that this variant of appendix inflammation is inoperable; my surgeon took risk ...) and in 4(!) days small bowels obstruction removal (adhesions). After second operation I was 5 days in reanimation department in very serious state. Doctors couldn't say anything certain about my prognosis. During next 6 months had a lot of problems with abdomen: hard constipations(stool was in 2-3 days), various pains, nausea, bloating, permanent weakness and so on. It was impossible to work. I was overhauled by many doctors. They said nothing certain, but alleged possible new progressive adhesions. Researches were unclear too. I went to gastrointestinal clinic and was "cured". But in a week(!) (may,1998) I had next(and last) operation: small bowels obstruction removal (adhesions again - but multiple!). :( :) I didn't understand WHY? I had followed all doctors' directions, took all prescribed drugs, was on special diet!! Besides last surgeon noticed a hernia in appendectomical stitch. :( :) After discharging I was very weak. New constipations, new pains. Doctors suggested me to go to a gastro clinic again. All doctors said I was inclined to adhesions and it's my heritable feature... They told me tales about other patients with numerous adhesion operations(4,5,7,++...). I was horror-stricken indeed.

!!!! This text was written for other people. I'm sure you can also !!!! tell me similar things

I have to say that bowel obstruction is really sore thing. :) My stomach was like a tremendous ball. At first they tried to "stimulate" my GI tract and hoped to take off obstruction with non-surgical methods. I felt I would run mad of unthinkable pain. :( After operations for a week I had a long tube in my intestines(!) to prevent new fast adhesions and for pumping out contents of intestines. Upper end of it was also put out through my nostril. Oh, it was "nice" when they were removing it. It's like they want to pull you inside out. :) I had 2 such procedures after each obstruction.

After last operation I started to find the answer how to be? I tried to find any info on web, but I saw only bad lucky fellows. :( Many hoped of laporoscopy. But it's a surgery too, although is less aggressive and has some nuances as well as ... risk of new adhesions. :( In many medical sources I also saw nothing hopeful.

I feel you maybe wish to know a bit about "stages" of my way. :) At first I refused all drugs and medicine because I had believed in idea of natural health, natural medicine absolutely. My relatives were shocked: "Without drugs??" :( :) I had to discover ways for myself how to apply the idea! So I read many books, magazines, talked to experienced in health maintenance people, tested many methods (on myself, of course :) ). It was info on nutrition, psychology, many medical book, various physical exercises, oriental systems, etc. For example I had to study anatomy, physiology, gastrointestinal diseases, surgery, herbotherapy, some of biochemistry, etc. I revised many things with health. I was like a little blind kitty! I didn't know the certain way and had to test many ones and to find my own. It was uneasy and dangerous because of previous operations and I was afraid of serious complications after my health experiments. Even I have passed through some hard crises!! :( :) At first I tried various isolated methods, diets, procedures, etc., but without result. After I had read about others' "systems" and tried to apply it I found some "tears" in theirs material. And saw it didn't work. :( It occurred to me I also needed a system approach in health and all elements of my health system must be really interlinked and universal. So you see my knowledge is not a book learning. It has been tested.. :) It was very hard but I had realized I had no other way! Frankly, my wife Lena was first who gave me first book on natural health. Having read that book I gave credit to natural methods of health. :) Thus I had to find my own way. I'm glad I've found it.

My own program is simple and complex simultaneously. Simple since all it's principles are simple and interlinked. And complex, because of its numerous details. These are names of most important things (basic topics): 1. World outlook and psychological state 1. Sleep, sufficient rest and normal day schedule 3. Physical activity 4. Cleanse procedures 5. Nutrition 6. Thermo-procedures and cold water affusion 7. Auto-massage 8. Herbotherapy 9. Healing breathing 10. + more ... :) Most of above things I apply every day.

Now I believe only in natural healing and do know it's powerful strength in curing ALL diseases. I even know people having won the fight with cancer. They use the same methods as me. My knowledge is not "unique" at all. Similar info is well known to many people which really maintain their health. :) Now I try to help everybody who need valuable advices of health. As I see that there is no unhealthy certain organ(heart, stomach, etc.)- there is unhealthy whole body. There is no disease for the common man. Disease is a subject of medical science, since medicine is a science of diseases, but not of health. It's maybe strange. But it's true. :( :) Hundreds and thousands years ago people lived without "greatest achievements of medicine" such as surgery, prophilaxy, diagnostics, transplantology, vaccination, etc. and were ... healthy! Yes, they were really healthy! Now we have high-developed medical science, many medical theories, millions of books on medicine, well-trained doctors, super-sophisticated medical equipment and drugs, but ... most of population in developed countries has standard set of "modern" diseases. They are getting "civilized" human beings. They can't live without so-called "civilization": drugs, doctors, hospitals, medical equipment, medical problems, and even chats on medical topics. :( :) Is it normal? I know surely we mustn't be "civilized".

I think that info won't be useless for you.


With Love, Igor Gudymenko

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