Bowel obstruction

From: Marilyn (
Tue Oct 5 15:10:15 1999

Hi Gloria: Just found this message board today, so looked back and saw your post about your recent visit to the ER. I have only had it happen to me once, but have come close a number of times since. My doctor told me, at the time, about a few simple "tricks", to help stop a pending episode from going all the way. I believe they have worked for me, so will pass them on, in case they might help you next time. #l, is NEVER to lie on your back when you are having those familiar pains! Always lie on your sides or stomach. Also avoid sleeping on your back at night, even when you're feeling good. #2, is to have an old fashioned hot water bottle handy at all times. Fill with hot tap water, and apply to the pain area. Keep reapplying and changing positions until you begin to feel some relief! A heating pad is not the same and not advisable. #3, As much as we all know we should exercise, someone prone to bowel obstruction, should take it easy. Don't over due it, don't jog, walk escessive distances, etc. #4, is pretty obvious. When you feel it coming on---don't eat anything at all, and get off your feet asap. You probably already know these things, but might be helpful to someone out there?


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