Re: Igor's theory's on pain management

From: Beverly J. Doucette (
Mon Oct 4 16:47:23 1999

I can understand the response to Igor's sharing on his ideas and practices of pain management and the fact that they do indeed appear to be opinionated and very principled in nature. I also understand that Igor is coming from a whole differrent environment then we have here in the USA. I would bet that Igor does not have the comraderie or support from his fellow countrymen as we do here and he probably does not have near the medical benefits such as caring, knowledgable proffesionals who devote themselves to thier patients as our medical proffesionals do. Oh yes, we do meet some in the medical proffesion who do lack the aforementioned quality's, but all in all, our medical care and expertise here in the USA is among the best in the world. Igor simply speaks what HE must live, he speaks what HE finds effective for his pain, he speaks from what appear to be emotionless thoughts, experiences, and he speaks from what appears to be an illiteracy of that human outreaching from one person to another in a caring, understanding and giving manner...simple human concern and support! I beleive that Igor doesn't have those types of things available to him, and he has had to find whatever means he could to find releif in his sufferring. I also believe that Igor probably is surrounded by a very different type of advice, news information and public address's then we are, and if he hears what I think he hears, then I too would want to shut it out and attempt to become one with nature, not only as a way to find pain releif, but as a way to find peace within pain and within a very restrictive lifestyle. Now, I too have assumed to know something about Igor, " a restrictive " lifestyle. Who am I to say what he lives IS restrictive? Is it just because I would find livingin the Ukraine restrictive..well, yes, I suppose, but at the same time, maybe Igor doesn't find it so restrictive, after all it has been his life style for as long as he knows. I don't see Igor's advice as anything but what he would say, I would find it challenging if he were from New York,, wait a minute, no not from new york, it would be the same...:-) but you get my picture. I don't think Igor ment anything but an attempt to help those who are sufferring with adhesions as it appears he has. If Igor has found a way to not only decrease his pain and sufferring, but has been able to find complete releif from Adhesion disorder, I am very happy for him, and in light of my ignorance of his country and wether it is progressive in medicine or not, he, like all of us, deserve to be as comfortable in life as possible. His thoughts on death are interesting, and indicative of his teachings and possibly upbringing. We in the USA deal with lots of emotions, thus we have a much more emotional veiw of life and eath, religion also plays a role in the thoughts of death as it relates to life. I don't know what Igor has been exposed to in order to draw the conclusions on life and death that he has, but I would bet to say he was exposed to things very different then we have...not wrong or right, just what is, a different country heard is difficult at times to seperate how we take another person's opinion or view, especially if it seems a bit hard on what we have been trying to accomplish for ourselves and others. Here in this forum, we all suffer, or have sufferred greatly with a very difficult and frustrating disorder that is just now getting SOME medical attention. We are seeing progress in the area of recognition and treatment and hopefully a cure, but we must rely on ne another to gain the education it takes to get adequite medical intervention for Adhesion Disorder, we must rely on this group and others to get attention focused on this disorder so others who suffer as we do can also be educated and helped, we must share our stories, our treatments, our diagnosis's, our feelings and our triumph's if we are to learn ways to help ourselves and our family's. We all suffer a very difficult disorder, and those who choose to seek support through this forum will hear many different view points and opinions, you give and you take, that simple. You may challenge at times, I suppose, but all in all, I take what I find helpfull and i leave what i am not interested in. I feel that everyone on here can make thier own decisions as to what they want to accept and what they don't want to accept...I also beleive that everyone should be as free to project thier thoughts, and feelings and share information, and last but not least, at times we will be subject to the opinion of a person outside our country who neither lives as we do, experinces things as we do, but who physically sufferr's just as we do, and even though thier opinion will be expressed differently to us at times, they too should be welcomed with open arms...after all, we can learn from them and they just might learn from us and in the end know one knows just what information from whom could make the biggest impact in finding the relief from the pain of Adhesion Disorder. May we who suffer offer the hand of Peace to each other, no matter who we are or where we re from, let us open our hearts as well as our minds and not take to heart everything our mind tell us. Don't take things so literal, lighten up and let go. After all, you DID ask Igor to share and he did...and I liked it, wether I agree with all of it doesn't matter, how wonderfull that our society has been able to reach as far around the globe as it has....and I once thought I was alone in sufferring adhesions....boy was Dr. Wiseman right on when he said, " YOU ARE NOT ALONE!" Thank-GOD for the " INTERNATIONAL Adhesion Society! " Your friend Beverly Doucette

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