Re: Pain free? Igor, please tell us more. - How to start

From: jenny (
Mon Oct 4 13:05:59 1999

Igor, I'm delighted for you that you are pain free, and able to be so positive about your life. However, I think that you underestimate the value of forums such as this. I was literally at my wits end on the day that I discovered the 'adhesions forum', and I actually wept to discover that there were people out there with similar problems to myself. The reason that.... 'nearly every member tries to use a lot of medical terms, discuss various techniques of operations and other surgery problems, efficiency of pharmaceutical remedies, etc' is not due to any sort of desire to boast, but due to a genuine desire to perhaps be able to help someone else in a situation similar to themselves. I do wonder why you visit the forum when you are only willing to give very vague hints as to how you improved your life with adhesions. You say that your knowledge and experience of health is large. I am a qualified and very experienced nurse. This unfortunately has not protected me from suffering from what can be excruciating pain - a pain that is not fully understood and appreciated by the medical profession. I need the support of this group. Please do not be dismissive of others who need it too. I'm sorry if I sound bitter - I'm perhaps a little envious of your good health and in your pride in achieving it! Jenny

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