Re: this is what the doctor found

From: crm (
Fri Oct 1 10:56:01 1999

At Fri, 1 Oct 1999, Peggy wrote: >
>At Thu, 30 Sep 1999, crm wrote:
>>Hello everyone, I got my paperwork back today and i was shocked. The
>>doctors feels doing a explortary laparotomy and lysis of adhesions. He
>>noted tenderness over the cecum,transverse colon and over the sigmond
>>which is really tightand very tender. I was hoping that a laparoscopy
>>could be done that would could less adhesions. I am not sure if it
>>would be right to ask especially becuase of the colon being involved. I
>>know what ever is going is getting worse and is driving me crazy. I
>>also was wondering if all these organs being stuck somewhere could cause
>>damage to them. I have to decide what is best for me but I do not like
>>the idea of another surgery and recovery. I have waited a long time to
>>find out what was wrong but I never thought it would this, to be honest
>>I am scared to death, and really am unsure if I can even think of
>>another surgery.Thanks for listening to me ramble on and on.....thanks
>>for all the support......
>Hi Chris,Sounds like you have quite a mess.The last surgery I had
>involved alot of what you mentioned.Until I heard more about how
>dangerous it is dealing with the colon I thought nothing of it.My gyn
>did an excellent job he told me how careful he was not to nick any of
>the organs that were involved.Then when I ran a low grade temp for about
>27 days he got really worried.I still think the fever was due to the
>interceed, looking at the warnings and all for the interceed it takes 27
>days for the interceed to dissolve into the body so I really think it
>had something to do with that.I can see why you would be so scared.but
>remember we are here for you and are here to support you with whatever
>you go through.You said at the beginning of your post that the Dr. feels
>doing an exploratory lapororotomy and lysis of adhesions. Does that
>mean he wants to do this? Let us know how you are doing ,When was your

Peggy, yes the doctor wants to do a exploratory lapororotomy,but I was hoping for a laparoscopy instead but I understand why they want to do it that way, but I am upset becuase it seems the last surgery was so hard to recover from because of how much was done and now this surgery would be worse. I should be getting a call today from the doctor to find out the next step and I will let everyone know...and thanks again for all the support, I would be lost without everyone.....

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