Re: Virus Happy99.exe

From: Helen Dynda (
Tue Sep 28 22:46:06 1999

Richard, I have written a letter in response to your letter, but I am unable to send it to you and I am also unable to receive any mail. All day today I kept getting the message "This program has performed an illegal operation and will shut down" whenever I would try to send or receive.

It was not until after I read your message here about the Happy99.exe virus, that I wondered if my email problems could be connected in some way to the Happy99.exe virus too. So I took a look at the two questionable pieces of email I had received on Monday. Both emails came from Ingrid Chaves Agudo.

One was a letter in which she (?) used the same words for the Subject -- "Do I have your permission to...? -- as I used on Sunday and Monday when I sent information to people who had communicated with me about adhesions. How did she get that information plus my email address? In her letter she said she wanted to have her name added to Dr. Wiseman's mailing list. I DON'T THINK SO!!

The other was an email which was blank with only an attachment clip on it. I thought nothing of it since she had sent a letter. Like a dummy, I had to see what she (?) had sent. It was a picture taken at night with a fireworks display. At the top the picture said, "Happy New Year 1999."

Now that I have found out that I have been a victim of the Happy99.exe virus, I will be a skeptic from now on about attachments! There is one thing I am very glad I did not do: I had thought about sending it to my family and friends. They would not have been too happy with me if they had received that kind of mail.

Now Ingrid Chaves Agudo may have a legitimate adhesion problem. Perhaps she is also a victim of the virus -- but I am not too happy with the problems it has cost me! I will not include her name on Dr. Wiseman's mailing list!

At Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Richard Hagen wrote: >
>I recieved a virus from a reputable contributor to this
>site. Please be aware of the Happy99.exe virus.
>It tags along as an e-mail attachment. Norton Anti-Virus
>picked it up before it could morph. At least I think so.
>The e-mail was sent privately.

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