Re: KHG - walking

From: randy and gloria mcdonald (
Tue Sep 28 15:39:57 1999

I am going to start giving the walking a try -- the doctors told me diet had nothing to do with the obstruction but that it was caused by the adhesion pulling against the bowel, causing that section of bowel to stop functioning. I really didn't buy that tho - because the day I ended up back in the hospital was the day I decided to try to go on a diet to lose weight. I ate a very, very low fat diet that day and ate several apples -- in the past I have ended up in the hospital on day where I ate large amounts of raw carrots on one occasion and several peanuts on another so it seems that "hard" foods give me grief -- has anyone else experienced anything like that?

Anyway - I already consume gallons of water - so will try the walking and a little mineral oil (YUCK!!) and see if I can avoid this. -- I sure hate the thought of giving up apples!!!

Thanks for the advice Gloria

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