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From: Ginny King (
Tue Sep 28 14:13:36 1999

Hey Peggy,

So sorry to hear you are in such pain. I go for my first appointment at the pain clinic on the 11th of October as well. Your past pain doctors sounds like the last GI who kept telling me that the intestinal blleeding was nothing to worry about and that I had irritable bowel. My new gi that diagnosed Crohn's did not say anything negative about my other doctor, but there was a definite eye roll and she said "well we can just toss these out and start over" referring to my other doctors notes. We should not tolerate this behavior from our care givers, but as we both know, in the days of "managed care" we get stuck sometimes. Take care. Ginny

At Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Peggy wrote: >
>Hi Ginny,My appointment with the new pain management Dr. is on October
>11th. I have not been feeling real well with the pain lately,last time
>I went to pain management I told hom that I was having breakthrough pain
>and his responce was instead of increasing the meds I should be
>increasing my activities.Well it is getting worse which I knew it
>would,But I will not call this Dr. I will wait until I see the new Dr.
>Yes it leaves me to suffer but I relly do not want to deal with the P M
>Dr. that I have at the moment due to the fact that he is a jerk.My
>husband had an appointment with my PCP Dr. and the Dr. ask if him if
>he was my husband and he told hom yes.The pcp asked my husband if he
>went to the appointments with the P M Dr. and he told hom yes he
>did.The pcp Dr. asked my husband what he thought of the p m Dr. and my
>husband told him that there is more to being a Dr. than just having the
>traing and knowledge of being able to treat someone.That A Dr. should
>have people skills also and the pcp said he was exatly right and that
>this p m Dr. does not have people skills he came right out and told my
>husband that the p m Dr. was a total jerk.THat in this field especially
>they should be caring and compassioniate and this Dr. certainly is not
>either.He is self centered and likes too show how smart he is.When I
>spoke to the new p m Drs. office the first question I asked was when I
>have an appointment with the Dr. will it be only me that he is seeing
>at that time and not 2-3 other patients that he would be running back
>and forth between.She told me absolutely not when it is my time it is my
>time and nobody else will be scheduled at that time.That is one thing
>that I certainly did not like about the p m Dr. that I was seeing.Well
>I am sorry that this was so long but I have to vent sometimes and I know
>that everyone on this forum understands."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER"

Ginny King

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