From: crm (
Tue Sep 28 10:20:29 1999

Hello, To answer your questions, no a barrier was not used, and this time one will be used because I am going to make sure of it. The surgery will most likely be at the soon, but I am not sure I am ready, and I know this surgery is going to be a long one. I know no one can tell me if it will work but since the last one did I can just hope this one will to. I am scared because no one knows how bad it is and I had alot during my last surgery. I know you have been though alot and been reading your posts, and have learned alot from your post. I also wanted tosay I have tired the pain clinic, medication for everything and ever tired a tens unit which all have failed, I wish there was a way to get out of pain without surgery but at this point I have lost hope, and also I feel better just knowing someone believed me and found out the source of pain. Thanks......

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