Re: went to the doctro today

From: toni welsh (
Tue Sep 28 08:35:30 1999

At Mon, 27 Sep 1999, crm wrote: >
>Hello everyone,
>I found a doctor and saw him today and it went really well, he said
>because of the amount of pain and other problems it would be best to do
>another surgery, but as all the other doctors said it was my ovary he
>told me he was sure it was my bowels that are causing all my pain and
>most likely my bladder is adhersed to something. He said he would not
>give me any pain madcation because he is afraid it could cause more
>problems and pain. I just wanted to say thank you for the support I
>have received it has helped alot......

Hi, I feel the same way you do, and the dr told me last week that it is time for another surgery and he abd te general surgeon would work together. But he knows i am not ready for this yet, and he also said there are no guarantees now AGAIN!

He did discuss the new adhesion barriers, he said that is out now since INTERCEED did not work was seprafilm but he is trying to wait for new ones to be approved b the FDA. Is your dr going to do the surgery soon, andare they going to use a barrier, I am not even wanting to go through another laparotomy, I had two in 5 months, and now I ended up at a pain center. I tod my husband and gyn I cannot believe this is all happening over adhesions o the bowels, this has really been a struggle for me, and seems like a long road ahead, too.


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