bowel obstructions

From: Gloria (
Mon Sep 27 19:19:19 1999

I have been reading the forum and it is somehow comforting to know there are so many other people out there that are experiencing what I do. It makes me feel not so "whiny"....sometimes I think I must drive my family wild with all my ailments. I just got out of the hospital this morning after spending the last three days there being treated for a bowel obstruction. I left it till I was vomiting before I would go into emergency because I am so tired of the whole process. It seems I have to explain everything in detail each time I go in, and even then they tend to treat me like a druggie who is just looking for a "fix". This time I left it too long and ended up with the NG tube, the vomiting -- everything. Thank God it resolved. This is the umpteenth time I have been treated for a bowel obstruction. I have had one corrective surgery for it.

I am so depressed right now, as the doctors here all say there is NOTHING I can do about it. It is adhesion caused and there is nothing I can do to avoid it and it is only a matter of time before it strikes again. I can't even face the idea of having another episode, another NG tube, the pain. I feel so very helpless right now. I look into my future and I don't like what I see. Please, anyone else who suffers from bowel adhesions with chronic obstruction, if you have any advice for me -- anything that I should be doing, or should be asking the doctors to do...please let me know. I don't think I can face up to many more of these episodes.


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