too much frustrations

From: toni welsh (
Mon Sep 27 19:09:46 1999

I saw Robin on there posting, welcome hon. Sounds to me like t culd be adhesions, and ALL my drs. believe how much pain I am in. They cannot go in through the bellybutton to do a lap anymore, they cannot get in. Now if I do have another surgery, (waiting for new barriers), it will be a laparotomy. Tis time I am scared that seems like alot of surgery in a yaer. I need to feel better, and I want to get off the oxycontin, and hpe the others help. take care girls, wanted to say HELLO!

Your friend, Toni

Robin the last surgery I had in sept last year all the adhesions on the small bowels were 1-2 inches thick, the drs said it looked lake someone dropped agallon of crazy glue in there, causing major pain and trouble with the bowels. keep us infrmed!

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