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From: Sharonda Moore (
Thu Sep 23 11:44:04 1999


As far as I have seen, interceed and serafilm and one other are being used. A few are being tested but I am sure you realized that it will probably me at least another few years before they are on used in surgery -1. some are just beginning trials and waiting on FDA approval is like starting at point A in the Sahara and being told to walk to Point Z.

There are some trials to participate in but I would NOT suggest you do those because some people get the gel and some get the saline (and you don't know which one). And if you get the saline, that's a wasted surgery for you and putting your bowels in more danger.

With bowel surgery, its the different because there are so many variables. I know because I am facing that and I was given the opinion that a colonostomy was in my future - not something you want to hear.

Good luck, I know I didn't sound very encouraging but I hope I helped answer your question.


>From: (toni welsh)
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>Subject: still struggling some
>Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 11:13:52 -0500
>hello girls, wondering if all s okay. I have been nervous all heck,
>just the thought of another laparotomy, the last one I was so sick in
>the hospital. The first one last year as not as bad, but the drs have
>told me the more they touch your bowel during surgery, the slower it
>gets, and especially after surgery, by bowels did not want t wake up
>after sugery, in the mean time the resident had upped my diet and made
>me sick til my gyn came in the nest morning. I hope the barriers are
>put soon, he did say he the general surgeon had talked about using
>seprafilm, since interceed did not wor, because the gyn would lyse the
>adhesions and free everything back up , and as he does that the general
>surgeon would wrap y bowels with seprafilm, he said they did it together
>with one of his patients like me, and she IS feelig alot better, but
>there is no guarentees. He also talked about the wait for the new
>barriers to be approved. Has there been any testing that it has worked?
>he said the trouble he has is to do a laparoscopy the last one last year
>failed, and the condition the bowels were in there, transverse colon was
>laying on the pelvic floor, and it could have smothered my small bowel.
>There in 1-2 inch thick scar tissue going through every loop of small
>bowel, so he did tell me I am one of his wost patients. I told him I
>find it hard to believe scar tissue is ruining my life, if I knew it
>would help FOR SURE, even though i am scared as can be this time, I
>would do it now!
>Oh well, rambled enough! toni

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