still struggling some

From: toni welsh (
Thu Sep 23 11:12:02 1999

hello girls, wondering if all s okay. I have been nervous all heck, just the thought of another laparotomy, the last one I was so sick in the hospital. The first one last year as not as bad, but the drs have told me the more they touch your bowel during surgery, the slower it gets, and especially after surgery, by bowels did not want t wake up after sugery, in the mean time the resident had upped my diet and made me sick til my gyn came in the nest morning. I hope the barriers are put soon, he did say he the general surgeon had talked about using seprafilm, since interceed did not wor, because the gyn would lyse the adhesions and free everything back up , and as he does that the general surgeon would wrap y bowels with seprafilm, he said they did it together with one of his patients like me, and she IS feelig alot better, but there is no guarentees. He also talked about the wait for the new barriers to be approved. Has there been any testing that it has worked?

he said the trouble he has is to do a laparoscopy the last one last year failed, and the condition the bowels were in there, transverse colon was laying on the pelvic floor, and it could have smothered my small bowel. There in 1-2 inch thick scar tissue going through every loop of small bowel, so he did tell me I am one of his wost patients. I told him I find it hard to believe scar tissue is ruining my life, if I knew it would help FOR SURE, even though i am scared as can be this time, I would do it now!

Oh well, rambled enough! toni

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