Chris Mulligan

From: Peggy (
Wed Sep 22 07:53:12 1999

Hi Chris , How are doing after your surgery? I hope you are taking it easy.don't try to do too much.I know it is easier said than done.Do you have any children that you need to care for? I like the recovery time schedule that Helen posted for everyone.The only thing is they give recovery for just the laporoscopy and not what is done when they go in.I always found that weird how the Drs. tell you that when they do the laporoscopy you should be back to doing your "normal" activities.The first lap. that I had done I was so sore and did not feel well for like 6 weeks and the Dr. said no wonder with the amount of adhesions that were removed he wouldn't expect me to feel real well.Well tell me that when you do the surgery,because everyone around you knows what he tells me in the beginning and wonders why it is taking so long to recover.We are made to feel like we should be doing more and that we are just trying to get sympathy.That is why I have started taking my husband along with me to appointments then he can hear what the Dr. tells me.and believe me it has made a difference in how much understanding he is about it all.Take care of yourself,and try to get a lot of rest."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER"PEGGY

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