Re: new gel next month???

From: teresa hunt (
Tue Sep 21 13:18:50 1999

Hi everybody, I just spoke with my gyn's office and "they don't know anything about him doing surgery next month" like he told my GI doc. He told my GI there was a new gel being released next month and that's what he's waiting on to do surgery without having to go back in later for the same thing. I see the Gi doc again on Monday. Pain gets worse if I eat solid food. I'm seriously thinking of putting myself on a liquid diet (I could loose some weight anyway). The gyn's office said there was nothing they could do because my pain was due to irritable bowel syndrome, it's all up the GI doc. So, what happens now??? Who knows? I take a stool softener /laxative every time I take a pain pill. With little results. Seem like I'm gettin the runaround. The gyn tells the GI one thing and me something else. Mind you the GYN is a VERY "GOOD" doctor, with publications on adhesions. Granted my problems are bowel related , but what is causing them to do what they do? What is the pulling pain? What is the burning on my right side? What does it hurt, pull and make me cry when I finally do have a bowel movement? Constipated, yes but I've NEVER had these types of problems with constipation before. Thanks for letting me vent. Anybody have any suggestions??? Teresa

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