Re: feeling real bad today

From: Peggy (
Tue Sep 21 11:43:33 1999

At Tue, 21 Sep 1999, toni welsh wrote: >
>I was wondering if the pain med, oxycontin was doing any good, I was
>fighting to take it, and finally I was crying and walking around not
>able to do anything. This ia awful, and now te fear of more surgery, to
>be able to function. I cancelled my counselor, but I just called and
>they said she could see me at 1:00, so I am going to go!
>I finallt tokk one of the pills, and now I wll see how I feel! Is
>everyone here doing okay?

Toni,The meds that I am taking are,Methadone for the pain,Klonopin for as I said in my last post to you,I really don't know and arthrtec which is an anti inflamatory medication.Good Luck at the Drs. and let me know how you make out."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGHETHER" PEGGY

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