Re: Switching pain management Drs.

From: chris mulligan (
Tue Sep 21 07:46:49 1999

Peggy Im new to this board. Im like you i would find a new doctor too, i was wondering of your diet. Im needing to lose 20 pounds myself, what type of diet did you go on and any tips would be helpful. thanks chris mulligan

At Mon, 20 Sep 1999, Peggy wrote: >
>Hello Everyone,I haven't been on in awhile I have been busy.I went to
>the pain management Dr. last Tuesday and have decided to change Drs. He
>has helped me as far as the pain but he is a very arogant{sp} and
>egotistacle{sp} man.He is very smart and uses big words that I don't
>know the meaning of some of them and when questioning him on them he
>makes me feel like I am very stupid.This is not the kind of Dr. anyone
>needs.I am taking klonopin 0.5 mgs 1/2 a tablet 3 x's a day and he told
>me that he could give me a script for 1/2 the mgs that I have and that
>way I wouldn't have to cut the pills in half.well I must have looked at
>him wrong because he snapped back and said " oh forget it I'll leave it
>the way it is that way you won't get confused". I was like whatever.I
>was summoned for jury duty and asked him for a written excuse so I
>wouldn't have to go serve,Due to the medications that I am on.I get very
>tired,Last month he told me that I have to be in bed no later than 9:30
>pm and sleep until 7:00 am and take a 1 hour nap in the afternoon.Now
>all of a sudden he tells me that 6 hrs. sleep a night should be plenty
>for an adult my age.I will be 40 tomorrow.I talked to the commissoner of
>courts and it was a woman,she was very sypathetic and could not believe
>that the Dr. would not write a note to excuse me.She told me that if my
>Dr. would not look out for me that she would and excused from jury duty
>for at least 1 1/2 years possibly permanetly due to a health problem.I
>thanked her and said so I don't have to report on the 27th and she said
>no you don't you can spend that time finding yourself a new Dr. I could
>not believe how understanding she was about the situation and needless
>to say very pleased.When we left the office my husband commented that
>this Dr. is nothing but an idiot.I spoke to my primary care Dr. today
>and he is going to get me a referral to a pain management Dr. that he
>had recommended to me in the beginning.He said that someone from his
>office would call me later today and try to set up an appointment with
>the new pain management Dr. sometime next week so that I don't get
>messed up with the meds. I haven't heard from anyone as of yet it is
>4:53 right now,If I don't hear from them today I will call thier office
>tomorrow.I had also mentioned to the pain management Dr. that I was
>having breakthrough pain with the 1/2 doses that I take and he told me
>that instead of increasing the meds he wants me to increase my activity.
>He wanted me to lose 20 3 months and so far I have lost about
>18lbs since I started seeing him July 19th so it has only been 2
>months.No good job! keep it up or anything as a matter of fact the scale
>was broken and he knew it but he was still weighing patients in on it.He
>had no nurse there that day so he had me fill out the paper that the
>nurse usually does and had me weigh myselve in.My appointment was for
>3:00 he came out and said he was running behind,he would be 20 minutes
>with one patient and 10 minutes with another than he would get to me.I
>went into the room about 3:45 he came in around 4:00 and I was out of
>there at 4:20.They had called me the day before and said that there was
>2 cancellations Each 1 hour and asked if I could go in earlier for my
>appointment.I couldn't make it earlier and called them to tell them and
>the receptionist said she had filled the appointmnts anyway so that was
>fine.One of the appts.that they filled it with was a new patient which
>takes 3-4 hours.So he was going back and forth between patientswhich is
>one thing that I do not like,I feel that when it is my appointment it
>should be my appointment and he should be focused on me not running here
>and there like a chicken with his head cut off .Well Sorry this was so
>long I had to vent how I felt and I feel better now.Thanks for taking

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