Re: update

From: teresa hunt (
Wed Sep 15 15:26:53 1999

Hi everybody, In the last 7 days I've been to 5 different doctor (1 don't count sinus infection meds made constipation worse though.)I seen my pcp on Monday and he referred me to a GI doctor. I seen him Tuesday. He immediately sent me the hospital for some kind of medicated enema ( I don't exactly remember the name of the procedure. They took x-rays before, during and after the enema. It was kinda neat watching my colon fill up had there not been soooooo much pain associated with it. I am still not cleaned out. But one good thing has come out of all it. The GI doc said they are back. (if you can call that good) At least somebody believes me. He called the gyn that did the adhesion-sysis in August and told him they need to be removed again. His story changed this time, he's waiting to do surgery waiting on approval in October of a new gel that will coat and the area and prevent return of the adhesions, "imagine that". He told me there was one going tho be approved in October, but no mention of using it on me. So here I sit in limbo waiting for the gyn to call me and give me his story of what to do in the meantime. The pain is almost as bad as right before surgery with the leg pain. But now my back hurts on the right side about where my kidney should be. The gyn told the gi the last adhesions were very close to my liver. Who knows. I thought I was gonna be "NORMAL" again. LOL!!! Maybe someday soon!! You all are so inspiring and I thank you for your support, without you I'd really be lost.

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