Re: seeingpcp today

From: Michele (
Wed Sep 15 14:47:16 1999

Thanks so much Toni for your concern. She is doing ok. They are giving her mega drugs. I'm having a terrible time getting my father to communicate and I think it's exhaustion and fear. They (the surgeons) feel they got it all out. I believe they said she would have 12 inches taken out of bowel. The actual tumor was about the size of a peanut (not the shell, but the actual nut) and so far, so good. This is my step-mother.

She will be in for about a week, is running a fever, so they've got her coughing like crazy to prevent pneumonia (sp).

I don't know about tests for Fibromyalgia but there is an excellent board for it on

They have their own group. It's a good source for other issues as well. Very informative and they have great chats with various experts from around the US. Everything from smoking cessation to Urinary incontinence. There is a full Rx encyclopedia and frequently and RN who mediates.

Love, Michele

At Wed, 15 Sep 1999, toni welsh wrote: >
>I got in to see my pcp at 3:00 I was wondering if anyone knows of ANY
>tests for fibromyalgia. The pain is getting so bad, and I need some
>answers. I was hoping helen, you may know of some sights on the
>internet to look this up.
>Michelle, I also am wondering how your mother is doing after her
>surgery, I am sorry I could remember if it was your mo or grandmother.

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