From: Meg (
Tue Sep 14 15:13:12 1999

At Tue, 14 Sep 1999, Michele wrote: >
>I have read a post called "adhesions"....If anyone has something
>positive to say and some tips, I'd love to hear it. She feels she will
>have a quality life.

The most positive thing you can say that it is okay to hurt. It is okay to feel pain, and to need help. Sometimes that is the hardest thing to overcome. We were raised to be productive, strong, contributing members of society. This makes us feel even worse when we must rest and concentrate on taking care of just ourselves.

Try and do things that are special yet not too taxing. Watch some of her favorite movies togther. Suggest a craft she can do at home, that would be fun and maybe she could make things as gifts. Suggest some energy work such as Reiki or Polarity Therapy. It will help to raise her personal energy, which can lead to better healing.

Remind her it is okay to take medication. It isn't an endurance test. As for food, you may want to consult with your local hospitals dietician. Then with the restrictions in mind, try and make some unique tasty dishes. If there is something she really likes, but has avoided because it is on the "sinful" side (sweet or expensive, fatty etc.) - and she can have it within her diet restrictions, by all means tell her to have it!! :)

Help her to learn everything she can about her condition. It can sometimes make things that are scary easier, because they no longer exist in the realm of the unknown.

And number #1: listen to her. An opening comment from you may be something like: "I've done some reading, and I want to help you learn about this. Is there anything you want to know? We can find out together"

I hope this helps!! Let me know what else I can do for you.

~ Meg

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