Hi and Thank You!

From: Meg (megb@ime.net)
Tue Sep 14 14:55:07 1999

I had quite a scare yesterday. I woke up at 4am with gastric pain, and headed for thebathroom. Things quickly deteriorated from there. I woke my husband up, and a few minutes later he was calling for an ambulance.

It was the most severe pain I have ever experianced. Thank the Lord that the Emergency Physician on duty was a close friend of the family, having worked with and for my mother in-law for many years.

The X-rays showed no blockage, and after Toredal and later Demerol, everything seemed to relax. I came home in the afternoon, and have remained on a clear liquid diet.

We surmise it may have been an adhesion which prevented the intestine from moving freely, giving it a twist or kink. Helen is right about the intestine being a very mobile organ. I never thought about it until this latest episode.

I have moved up my surgery to two weeks from now instead of over a month away. My surgeon is worried about me, and we have decided together to do an open surgery and he is going to look over my entire intestine. We want to rule out any problems under the upper layer, which is all he really sees in a laproscopic surgery.

I just wanted to thank Helen, Chris and everyone who posts here. We all need to continue to learn about our problems, and be pro-active in our healthcare. Personally, I have begun a book on Adhesions, and would love to include your personal experiances and stories. I'll post more about the project soon.

Until then, be well!! ~ Meg

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