Attacking the Hydra Again!

From: Meg (
Tue Sep 7 15:39:06 1999

Hi all! I've missed you, my weeks have been hectic. :(

So, I am having surgery one more time. This time to use an adhesion barrier. We hope it will work, since I "re-stick" within a few days. I'm hoping the barrier will give me time to heal and prevent the adhesions from coming back.

I am also going to do some other things that might help. I am starting a Tai-Chi class, to help increase the oxygen levels in my body. It is thought that lack of enough oxygen is part of the problem which leads to adhesion formation. Tai-Chi isn't "excercise" in the extreme athletic sense. It is more of a movement therapy, slow and gentle. It also helps your soul and energy!

And I am looking into vitamin/supplement which will also help in oxygen exchange and make healing easier and quicker.

Sometimes, you just have to give it your all. And if the adhesions do return, well, the other changes I make will help me cope. :)

Glad to be back!


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