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From: Tina Shelby (
Tue Sep 7 14:27:29 1999

Hi all,

I just wanted to comment on what I have learned about magnetic therapy. I have been out for the holidays so I know this may be a little late. From what I have read - the magnets do not help with abdominal pain but work wonderfully with muscle/joint/soft tissue pain. The key is positioning. They must be in the right spot to be effective. Finding the right spot is what makes the difference in it working or not.

hope this helps


At 05:25 PM 9/3/99 -0500, you wrote: >O.K. Ladies, especially Ginny and Chris,
>What's the skinny on MAGNETS. There's a lot of hoopala concerning their
>TREMENDOUS HEALING effects for chronic pain sufferers. My mother bought
>a large (size???) one for her bed for sleeping. She has used it for
>three nights in a row, and swears they are the first good nights rest
>she's had in over a year. She says they relieved the leg pain which has
>been keeping her up all night. Last night, however, she didn't use it,
>and she is complaining her back AND leg hurt her today. I am thinking
>of getting her the "set" of five smaller/wearable ones for $33.00 from
>Marshall's for her B-day. They are suggest for use by artheritis
>sufferers. Supposedly the help promote blood circulation. Maybe they's
>help us?? I'd like to 'test drive' my mother's for 24 hours.
>Also, I know what Ginny means about speaking calmly to doctors and they
>think you are NOT in pain, but that if you fall apart in frustration and
>anger, (from NOT BEING listened to or taken seriously!!), they label you
>as suffering from depression. Wouldn't you like to give them a good
>swit smack on their smug, condescending faces!!! I'll bet that would
>give them a bit of a shock.
>The secret life of Kate Mitty.

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