Re: Magnets

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Fri Sep 3 20:17:57 1999

>O.K. Ladies, especially Ginny and Chris,
>What's the skinny on MAGNETS. There's a lot of hoopala concerning their
>TREMENDOUS HEALING effects for chronic pain sufferers. My mother bought
>a large (size???) one for her bed for sleeping. She has used it for
>three nights in a row, and swears they are the first good nights rest
>she's had in over a year. She says they relieved the leg pain which has
>been keeping her up all night. Last night, however, she didn't use it,
>and she is complaining her back AND leg hurt her today. I am thinking
>of getting her the "set" of five smaller/wearable ones for $33.00 from
>Marshall's for her B-day. They are suggest for use by artheritis
>sufferers. Supposedly the help promote blood circulation. Maybe they's
>help us?? I'd like to 'test drive' my mother's for 24 hours.

I have heard both good and bad. I have heard some people try them and get no relief at all, others who call them a scam and then others like your mother who get relief. Maybe it depends on the exact problem. I know a couple of endo patients on another list who tried them and it didn't help. I think test driving your mother's would be a good idea since I've heard some of them can be a bit expensive.

>Also, I know what Ginny means about speaking calmly to doctors and they
>think you are NOT in pain, but that if you fall apart in frustration and
>anger, (from NOT BEING listened to or taken seriously!!), they label you
>as suffering from depression. Wouldn't you like to give them a good
>swit smack on their smug, condescending faces

I had complained to my family doctor for several years when my periods were becoming more and more painful and I knew there had to be something wrong even though everybody (not just doctors) told me that "cramps were normal". I had finally reached a point where I was making her run some tests, had someone recommend an ob/gyn to me so I went to see him -- he said endo right away, and when he did a lap a few months later after trying some birth control which helped a little, but not mucy, I don't think he personally had ever seen that much endo (although others have had it worse, but it was the worst he had seen). When I went back to the family doctor much later for something else, I told her how bad it was and she had copies of some of the reports and she was so surprised. I mentioned that I had told her how much pain I was in and her reply was "But you said it so calmly." The truth is that in medical school they teach you to pay attention to the patient who's screaming -- the ones who are calm must not be in that much pain, right? At least when I see her now she listens to me. And if I say something's wrong, she takes my word for it.

Sue Ann

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