Intergel update

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Fri Sep 3 12:33:57 1999

For anyone who might be interested, I was talking to the clinical trials nurse and she found out that Lifecore (the makers of intergel/lubricoat) will fly any eligible patient out to LA to take part in the study there if there is no trial site nearby. (I did mine in Pittsburgh, but don't know where other sites might be.) What I can tell you about qualifying for the trial is that you can't have had a hysterectomy, and you have to have at least 4 but no more than 12 adhesions when they get in there. I'm not sure about other health considerations, but I have other health problems and I still qualified. Just keep in mind that it's still a 50-50 chance of getting the gel or a simple saline solution instead. Although I did find out from Anne, who had contacted the nurse before, that there is another study for women who have had hysterectomies with another liquid made by some company in England. I can try and find out more information if anyone is interested or give you the nurse's e-mail and you can contact her directly. Now for a disclaimer: I put my own experience on the board originally just to be helpful and to share my experience, which so far has been good, with the intergel. I still think six months will be a better time-frame for judging success. And I mentioned the trial in the event that someone else might be interested and could be helped by it. However, Lifecore discovered through the trials nurse that I had been sharing this information and is now offering me a commission for anyone I "recruit". But I don't want anyone to think that I am "recruiting" anyone. I have not contacted Lifecore directly or asked for anything. (It was the trials nurse who suggested it to them). But you can contact the nurse or Lifecore directly and I will give you those addresses and you DO NOT have to mention my name or where you got the information. I have shared their web-site address before and I will share it again or you can find it searching on your own. I am simply trying to be helpful. But in case anyone would find out about it or was wondering, I don't want anyone to think I'm doing this for any other reason than to be helpful. Whew-- well got that off my chest!

I hope all are having a good day and enjoy the holidays!

Sue Ann

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