Where is Everyone?

From: Christine M. Smith (smithy@maine.rr.com)
Tue Jun 29 08:04:50 1999

Hi! I hope everyone is okay. We are having extremely hot and humid weather in the Northeast, much more than we are used to. I think we are supposed to get some relief tomorrow. I have an appt with my pcp today at 3 pm. I found a very interesting article on the ob-gyn website by Dr. Perloe which I have printed out. It concerns ilioinguinal nerve entrapment in scar tissue and describes a patient who had two different pain profiles, one was cyclic pain of endometriosis and the other a lower right quadrant pain which occurred randomly. Apparently the ilioinguinal nerve runs through the internal and external oblique muscles in this area. In this particular case one of its branches was seen entering the scar tissue of her laparoscopy trocar site. I'm wondering if this is my problem. I could see where physical exertion using these muscles could interfere with this nerve, especially if it were trapped in scar tissue of an old hysterectomy scar. I could also understand why a laparoscopy might help in that the procedure inflates the abdomen. Perhaps it took the 3-4 months each time for the nerve to get back into the troublesome position again. Sound good? I'll see what the pcp says today.

Chris S.

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