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From: Christine M. Smith (
Thu Jun 24 07:57:34 1999

At Wed, 23 Jun 1999, Ginny King wrote: >
>At Wed, 23 Jun 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote:
>>At Wed, 23 Jun 1999, Ginny King wrote:
>>>At Wed, 23 Jun 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote:
>>>>Hi Everyone:
>>>>Well, I called the pcp this am and left a message that I really needed
>>>>to know the results of the MRI done June 14th. He was on vacation this
>>>>week. :<P
>>>>Anyway, it was "normal". I asked her "completely normal, nothing at
>>>>all?" and she said there were some slight arthritic changes. I know
>>>>that is to be expected. So in one way this is good news. Now I know
>>>>that I don't have neurological disease in the area of the lumbar-sacral
>>>>spine and I don't have to worry about blowing a disc with exertion. (any
>>>>more than anyone my age would) This really is not that much of a
>>>>surprise because I always thought I had a good back and felt any aching
>>>>I experienced was due to muscle strain from exertion (such as gardening)
>>>>The bad news is that I still have no explanation for the lower right
>>>>quadrant pain, the rt hip pain, and rt sacral pain. What next? She
>>>>scheduled me for an appt next Tuesday.
>>>>I am thinking more of myofascial pain syndrome, nerve entrapment, and
>>>>the adhesions of course. Would this be the area of expertise for the
>>>>pain clinic? I am also going to ask about the conscious pain mapping.
>>>>Maybe I'll call my gyn today and see what they are telling patients
>>>>about this procedure. I also read on the ob-gyn site that the physical
>>>>therapy department can also offer insight into pain management.
>>>>Chris S.
>>>I'm glad you finally heard your results and they are normal, but not
>>>that wish anything to be wrong, I just know it's frustrating to hear the
>>>"normal" word again. Good luck in your search. I look forward to
>>>hearing what you find out as you seem to have more knowledge and are
>>>further down the road than I am in finding an answer. Best wishes.
>>Hi Ginny:
>>Most of the time I would be discouraged to hear the word "normal" and
>>still be in pain, but actually this time I am glad. The normal MRI
>>rules out a lot of things that could muddy the waters.
>>I'm not very confident that I am getting anywhere with this problem. Its
>>been going on for two years. This is the third summer in a row that
>>I've been making the rounds of doctors offices. I wish you didn't have
>>to wait until the end of July to have the GI tests done. With any
>>encouragment at all my pcp would also be willing to take a wait and see
>>attitude. At this point he's the only one involved. All the others say
>>its not in their department.
>> Do you have any pain medicine? I can't remember what you said.
>Thanks for the reply. I do not have any pain meds at this time. They
>did give me a few pills and valium last week when I ended up in the
>emergency room. I can't take either and still function at work and
>until they find the source of bleeding I'm afraid to take any Advil that
>might make matters worse. Any suggestions? I am so happy though that
>you got your results.. Thanks so much. Ginny
>Ginny King

Hi Ginny: I can't understand why you don't have any pain medication. Aren't you the one who fainted a work with the pain? Excuse me if I have you mxed up with someone else. I don't think I'd find the post if I checked. When that happens (fainting) you have a serious pain problem and I think it is unfair to expect you to take a "wait and see" approach. No, I don't think Advil is the thing to take for you with the bleeding, however there are antiinflammatories that don't cause gi irritation now. One is celebrex. My friend took it recently when she fell because she takes coumadin for a heart problem and that also makes you bleed more easily. There are also other pain meds besides narcotics. Have you tried Ultram? I'm not sure how they would work for you. Or how about pain meds just on weekends? I'm afraid by refusing pain meds you are minimizing your problem to your doctor. I understand how you have to be with it at work, but surely there is something you could try. Fainting from pain is not normal!


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