Re: Chris-Peggy

Tue Jun 22 15:24:56 1999

At Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote: >
>At Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Peggy wrote:
>>Chris ,
>>Whats going on with the results from your M R I ? I can't believe that
>>nobody has called you Yet.I think the hardest part is waiting for the
>>results.Like you really need this stress on top of the pain that you are
>>enduring.My thoughts are with you .that you get the results soon.
>Hi Peggy:
>Yes, can you believe that I haven't heard from the doctor's office yet?
>I am sure the report is back in the office by now, probably in my chart
>which is most likely sitting on his desk. The nurse can't call and tell
>me until he reviews it. I'm sure that's their policy. She may have
>told him once that I'm waiting for the call. I know how it works. Very
>frustrating. So I have decided that if I don't hear by 12 noon tomorrow
>(10 days) I am calling them back.
>I do have caller id plus call waiting so I know I haven't missed their
>I am sure this means that I don't have anything *major* but I don't
>think they (the MRI people) would call on all abnormalities that might
>explain my symptoms.
>My next step, assuming the MRI shows nothing definite,is to ask him what
>an MRI and a laparoscopy would MISS, then concentrate on that. (this
>type of analysis is his job but.....)
>After that, the next step is investigating where conscious pain mapping
>is being done and going for that. If he balks, then I will either go
>out of network (I can do that, but it will cost me more) or seriously
>consider switching pcp. This has been going on too long!


I just can't believe you still have not heard. I am so sorry. Keep the faith. Ginny

Ginny King

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