Re: complications from adhesions?-Tina

From: Tina Shelby (
Wed Jun 16 16:26:27 1999


Based on what the patients would say - the GI doc would make the patient feel like a wimp - you know how they do - "Nobody else complains - whats your problem" Just like they tell us - "your the only one I have ever encountered with these types of complaints"

Anyway - yes they can just use the Demerol and not the versed or valium and it would work. Your husband's vagal response happens when a person is asked to "bear down" like having a BM. This can cause the heart to slow down and the BP drop. It can be a scary experience.


At 12:27 PM 6/16/99 -0500, you wrote: >At Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Tina Shelby wrote:
>>I have worked with a GI doc here in Tennessee - I was shocked but there are
>>some GI docs here in TN that do colonoscopy's on patients without sedation.
>>Many of Dr. S. patients would tell him about their "horror stories" of being
>>awake during the procedure and how they swore they would never have it done
>>ever again. We had to spend alot of time trying to convince them they
>>wouldn't be awake and they wouldn't remember anything about the test. They
>>were always very anxious the day of the procedure but when they awakened
>>from sedation they were so relieved and thankful. Again I say that it is
>>cruel and inhumane to do this. The GI doc I worked with used sedation on all
>>gi procedures including flex sigmoids - because of this - his patients
>>didn't mind having the test repeated yearly if he reccommended so - because
>>they knew they wouldn't remember anything. He uses Demerol and Valium for
>>sedation. He has used versed in the past but because of the expense he
>>switched back to valium. He uses Stadol if the patient has an allergy or
>>intolerance to Demerol. He is in a practice with 4 other GI specialists and
>>they all use the same sedation policy for the colon/sigmoid tests. However
>>as you pointed out - these guys do not do many flex sigmoids because disease
>>processes of the colon are not limited to just the sigmoid area.
>>Hi Tina:
>Wow-a colonoscopy without medication. I don't even know how its
>possible. I would think they'd have to tie the patient to the table. I
>don't mind being awake, just as long as it isn't terribly painful. I
>really don't like not remembering what happened. Can they use just pain
>killer and not the versed or valium? Would that work? I would prefer to
>have complete recollection of the procedure. I hate the thought of
>surgery with everyone in there and I am clueless as to what is
>happening. My husband was fully awake for his colonoscopy but he felt
>nothing and had a strange detached feeling as he watched the monitor and
>listened to the doc explaining everything as he went along. I guess
>this is the way the meds are supposed to work? He had a sigmoidoscopy
>once and had a vagal reaction. They told him never to have another one
>(sigmoidoscopy) and next time he had a colonoscopy. I understand these
>vagal reactions are quite alarming and sometimes it seems like the
>patient is "coding".
>Chris S.

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