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From: Christine M. Smith (
Mon Jun 14 18:05:21 1999

At Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Laura Newman wrote: >
>So what is he going to do for you? What is his name and where is he located?
>>>> Christine M. Smith <> 05/20 5:29 PM >>>
>My appointment with the colo-rectal surgeon was very interesting. He
>was great. I think I am on the road to a correct diagnosis. I hope you
>don't think all he did was "pass the buck". First we spoke (in the
>presence of a medical student which is to the patient's advantage
>because in this situation the doctor spends a *lot* of time with the
>patient) and I said "I'm beginning to think that my adhesions are not
>necessarily the cause of my problem" and he commented with "I really am
>glad you said that." After we spoke he examined me and went on to
>explain how his wife had the same exact problem! First she went to her
>gynecologist because the pain felt exactly like an ovary/tube problem
>she once had. The gyn was not impressed. Then they found a large cyst.
>He was still not impressed and suggested crohn's disease. The tests (Ct
>Scan etc.) were all negative. A visit to the orthopedic surgeon didn't
>get any answers. Somehow she ended up at a rheumatologist and a bone
>scan was ordered. She had a definite inflammation of the sacroiliac
>joint, given antiinflammatories and is now fine. I find this most
>interesting because I spent several years in a rheumatologist's office
>about 10 years ago, never getting a diagnosis before the problem went
>away. Or did it?
>He also said that he didn't think the malposition of my colon would
>cause problems (which makes sense considering the fact that its probably
>been that way for at least 20 years and has functioned fine). He said
>he has seen colons that looked like they were tied in knots. He said it
>was very easy not to notice something like this in a colonsocpy because
>you don't get a very good perspective.
> So, I'm optimistic.
>Chris S.

hi Laura:

He isn't going to do anything for me because he is a colo-rectal specialist and he doesn't believe my problem is in that area.


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