Re: Spoke with Dr. yesterday

From: Laura Newman (
Mon Jun 14 17:29:04 1999

I truly hope you feel better soon. I know what it is like not to be yourself - I haven't been myself in so long I don't think I would know WHO I am anymore. Write me whenever you feel up to it.

>>> Peggy <> 05/25 7:45 AM >>>

Hello everyone, My Dr. returned from vacation yesterday so I called and asked him the results of the ultrasound that I had done on the 13th.I asked him about the suspicious area the radiologist saw and he told me that it could be an adhesion.He does not think that it is anything to worry about because there is no fluid floating around.He asked me how I was feeling.How the pain and the temp. has been.I told him that the low grade temp had been better but then again yesterday it was up to 100.9 he can't figure out why I am still running a low grade fever.My bloodwork came back o:k the white count was fine so he does not think I have an infection.He asked me how the pain is and I hesitated He asked me if it was any better then before the surgery and I told him that I really didn't know,sometimes it is better but other times it is not.He told me that I need to tell him whether or not I am having pain and not to lie to him if I was.He told me that if I was still running a low grade temp. after I finish the cipro then he will want me to see an internist to have more blood work done.He also mentioned that it still could be a reaction to the interceed he used back on April 29th.He told me that he is getting concerned with my situation .I have an appointment with him on June 1st.Hopefully by then I will be feeling better.Besides having the adhesions .Not feeling well for a month after surgery is starting to take its toll on me.All I hope for is some day to be myself again. Peggy

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