Re: some days are better than others

From: Denise Olson (
Mon Jun 14 14:02:57 1999

sherry, Reading you list sounds just like my adhesions! I am on Prozac and have been for some time. I do believe it helps. My hysterectomy was 6 hours. My Dr. could not identify any abdominal organs and had to call in a specialist. That was about 4-5 yrs ago maybe a little longer. Prior to that I had had several surgeries. Thank God, I have not had any bowl ubstructions in some time. I have to really be careful though. I am finding that I really enjoy being on the internet and playing on my computer.Your are right about the laughter, it helps so much. Thanks for being here... denise

At Sat, 12 Jun 1999, sherry wrote: >
>Hi Denise, I am also 40 yrs. old and recently had my 5th surgery for
>adhesions. It was a total abdominal hysterectomy, appendectomy and
>lysis of dense intestinal and abdominal adhesions. I have been dealing
>with adhesions for about 10 years and I also suffer from fibromyalgia
>which is a chronic pain disorder. I have had to quit my job as a
>customer service representative to focus on getting as healthy as I can.
>I have had bowel obstructions and have lost a lot of weight, so I am
>trying to gain some back. It is hard to eat when you are nauseated!!! I
>try to live each day one at a time. I used to have problems sleeping
>also due to the pain, but I am now taking amitriptyline at bedtime and
>it has really helped me. The fact that I am not alone and can talk with
>other people through this forum has been very therapeutic. Good luck to
>you, remember, we have to stick together!!! I try to see humor in
>things, when I have a very bad day, I watch an old comedy on TV and
>laugh. My personal favorite is I Love Lucy!!! Sherry

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