Re: complications from adhesions?-Ginny

From: Ginny King (
Sun Jun 13 19:19:40 1999

>Hi Ginny:
>The colo-rectal doctor I saw has a website and on it he says that IBS
>does NOT cause intestinal bleeding and any such bleeding must be
>It is very frustrating not getting diagnosis (2 years for me) but I
>really feel that I have never been treated like a hysterical woman. They
>repeated my laparoscopy 6 months after the first and all I was
>complaining about at that time was right lower quadrant pain. (of
>course they knew I had adhesions left behind from the first lap) Right
>now my pcp is stumped and that scares me.
>The infections, white count and pain sound scary, I am assuming you are
>treated with antibiotics at this time?
> Post away whenever you feel like it, don't worry about being wordy.
>Chris S.


It's funny that I am a logical, type a personality and far from hysterical. But I hate to say that the last appointment I had last week I cried when the doctor told me yet again that they don't see anything wrong. It sounds stupid I guess to want there to be a problem, but it sure is frustrating to be "normal" and in so much pain. They have put me on antibiotics numerous times and the bleeding and white blood cells will return to normal for a while. I will take your advice and try another doctor(colo-rectal) and see what happens. I think this forum is going to be very helpful in giving me the strength to keep trying. You say that your pcp is stumped? What kind of problems are you having now? Do they think that your adhesions have returned again? When you saw a colo-rectal specialist did they come up with any ideas? I'm sorry you are scared. I can understand and wish I could help. Take care. Ginny

Ginny King

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