Back Pain

From: Christine M. Smith (
Sat Jun 12 15:20:04 1999

Hi everyone:

I know this is branching out of the adhesion area (although possibly not) but I'm desperate. I have searched the Internet with no luck. I even found a neurosurgery forum to ask questions but it is hopelessly backlogued.

Has any one heard of a back problem that is made worse by bed rest? I read the info referred to by Helen on disc herniation and the explanation of conservative treatment, including bed rest. This is what I always hear when someone says they hurt their back. However my pain (which up until very recently was only abdominal pain) is actually made worse by lying down and better by getting up and walking around. (although the BACK pain I have now is not made better by walking around-I'm talking primarily about the abdominal pain) My doctor said this could be consistent with *certain* back problems in the lumbar spine but did not elaborate. (I intend to ask him for more details)

Has anyone heard of a back problem (not caused by adhesions) that ONLY caused abdominal pain? Apparently it is not that uncommon because my back was one of the first things every doctor has asked about when all I had was abdominal pain and I know someone who did have a bad back who had an attack of abdominal pain only (all tests neegative and the MRI showed some kind of back problem) so its not that uncommon but I can't find anything on the Internet. Any back experts out there? Help!

Chris S.

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